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Elsa my new mantis by Yaoiwriter27 Elsa my new mantis :iconyaoiwriter27:Yaoiwriter27 1 0 Adult bugsey! by Yaoiwriter27 Adult bugsey! :iconyaoiwriter27:Yaoiwriter27 0 3 I ... am...Praying Mantis woman! by Yaoiwriter27 I ... am...Praying Mantis woman! :iconyaoiwriter27:Yaoiwriter27 0 0 Hopeho by Yaoiwriter27 Hopeho :iconyaoiwriter27:Yaoiwriter27 0 0 Bugsey by Yaoiwriter27 Bugsey :iconyaoiwriter27:Yaoiwriter27 1 0 Bugsey likes to pose. by Yaoiwriter27 Bugsey likes to pose. :iconyaoiwriter27:Yaoiwriter27 0 4 A poem for my Bugsey by Yaoiwriter27 A poem for my Bugsey :iconyaoiwriter27:Yaoiwriter27 0 0
To love a pet poem
To love a pet,
to love a pet is to love one's self.
To know that even if you don't have a lot of people in your life,
your animals will always stand by your side.
There is no such loyalty as a dog,
a cat,
a hamster,
even a praying mantis.
The love you share with your pets is a special one,
a cherished one.
Each memory holding a special place in your heart,
and although your time with them is short.
They effect you just like a person would.
Some even more so.
So I say my plea,
hug your pets tight.
Never let them go,
you never know when you may lose them.
And their last memory of you should be,
I was loved.
:iconyaoiwriter27:Yaoiwriter27 0 0
Bugsey molted. by Yaoiwriter27 Bugsey molted. :iconyaoiwriter27:Yaoiwriter27 1 0
Tiger, a poem for my cat who died Wed.
You came into my life 16 years ago,
Wanting a home,
we grew up together I told you everything.
You were there when I was hurt by a man,
when I had panic attacks.
Your fur covered in my tears as I cried,
and yet it always made me feel better.
The hole in my heart is painful,
your presence gone from this earth.
No words can describe how much ill miss you,
miss you crying to be fed.
Following me to fridge door,
stretching out when I rubbed my foot on your belly.
You were more then just a cat,
you were my best friend.
And even though were apart,
your love and comfort will always be in my heart.
:iconyaoiwriter27:Yaoiwriter27 0 0
My animal tribute by Yaoiwriter27 My animal tribute :iconyaoiwriter27:Yaoiwriter27 0 0
Poem I wrote
I am a writer,
I am a friend.
I am a daughter,
I am a poet.
I am a praying mantis owner,
I am an animal lover.
I am spontaneous,
I am predictable.
I am happy,
I can get sad.
I am passionate,
I can be reserved.
I am bisexual,
I believe in god.
I am a country girl,
I am a city girl.
There is not one word that can describe me,
but you put together the pieces of each of my traits and personality's.
And you get a caring girl, who just wants to find her place in this world. And even though I have been through so much,
I refuse to let my past ruin my future.
I will prevail,
and find my place in this world.
:iconyaoiwriter27:Yaoiwriter27 0 0
Its bananer time :D. by Yaoiwriter27 Its bananer time :D. :iconyaoiwriter27:Yaoiwriter27 3 5 Bugsey by Yaoiwriter27 Bugsey :iconyaoiwriter27:Yaoiwriter27 1 0
Mature content
The calm before the storm a Resident evil fanfic :iconyaoiwriter27:Yaoiwriter27 2 0
The man and the praying mantis
The young man and the praying mantis.
The man was lonely, he didn’t have a lot of friends, all he wanted was someone to talk to, listen to him. Understand him.
His hair flattened against his skull in the rain, arms wrapped around himself as he shivered. He sat on the porch of his farmhouse, listening to the distant thunder. And watching the clash of lightly, as the wind blew through.
He felt exhausted, but he couldn’t sleep.
He felt heavy, yet light.
He wished for a friend, someone to understand him.
A feeling of being watched caught the man’s attention, he was a man as he was 26 years old. His gaze landed next to him, realizing he wasn’t alone. The form of an adult praying mantis stood by his side, its little eye’s gazing up at him. Body slightly shivering from the wind and rain.
The two pairs of eye’s met, there was a connection. To the man this wasn’t just a bug, to the bug this wasn’t just a man.
There was understanding in their eyes.
:iconyaoiwriter27:Yaoiwriter27 0 0



Got 2 mantis Wed, still struggling what people said about me. That they feel bad for my pets, that people talked crap about me. That they see me as a bad person, been getting bad tension headaches lately, was hard to even get out of bed this morning.

Just not feeling like a very good person :/.
Elsa my new mantis
She's a Giant asian mantis, she was named after Elsa in Frozen.

She loves bananas and honey,
loves to dance to me singing.
she loves to eat.

She's adorable.
I get it some people are anti gay, and think that its OK to be "against gays". That's all fine and dandy. But that doesn't mean that they should have special treatment.

I am not harming anyone...

I am bi,
I am christian.

I just wish people could respect others views, hey if your against them thats not my problem. But since when is it ok to discriminate against someone for their own views. Same goes for gays.
I have a couple mantis as pets, one of which was pregnant. I knew she was suffering. She had egg bound. They were stuck in her, yet people who are so called "professionals". Didn't want me to do the humane thing and put her down, even though when I held her her body dragged on my hand. And her stomach was starting to turn a bad color.

Now a ton of people are against me. Breeders who heard about me, now don't want anything to do with me.

People keep talking about me, yeah i called a couple people assholes. They were getting in my face. Yeah you might be a professional. But i know MY mantis, and really if its not THEIR pet. They should respect the owners choices. Just struggling right now.

My mantis died in my hands last night, i was at a Geek con thing. And when I got home she wanted me to hold her. She died in my hands, Her raptures gripping my finger, I moved my hand to do something and she grabbed at my hand again. And kept watching me as she died.


I'm still a bad person, even though the mantis wanted me to be there.
For those who deal with depression, you did it you got up.

For those who have anxiety: Its gonna get better. I believe in you.

For those who don't think they have many friends: You have a friend in me.

For those who are grieving over something: I am here for you.

For those who are dealing with a break up: It will get better, and you will find someone wonderful one day who loves you for you.

For anyone having a bad day, or needs a hug. *Big hugs to you*.

Your all special in my eyes, no matter who you are. Your loved, your cared about, and cherished. Never forget that. And never give up, tomorrow is another day.
She had a mis molt and I had to make the difficult choice and put her in the freezer which was the most humane thing to do. She twisted 3 legs, and basically could only crawl with one of her raptures. Didn't help that a few people said I should've let her have some time. What the heck did they want me to do!!? I wasn't going to let her suffer. It hurt so much with having me to do it. I love you Hope, I am so sorry.


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Hi there my name is Jessie, its been over a year since i was on here last. I have changed alot and grown up since then so I thought i would come back on here. I have been writing a little over 10 years now, I suffer from anxiety and depression though i take meds now. I even have a job, I am bisexual and have 3 cats and a dog.


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